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Griffith University Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Griffith University


  • Have completed a Bachelors Degree with First Class Honours or equivalent as defined in the University’s Research Postgraduate Scholarship Application Assessment and Award Policy;

  • Are enrolling as full-time candidates (or part-time for those with part-time awards) in an eligible research masters program or a doctoral degree, at Griffith University;

  • Have not already completed a degree at the same or higher level as the proposed candidature;

  • Are not receiving another award/scholarship/salary providing a benefit greater than 75% of the GUPRS stipend rate to undertake the proposed program;

  • Have not held a GUPRS, an APA or APA (Industry) or Australian Government-funded Postgraduate Research Award (excluding an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship) previously unless it was terminated within six months of the commencement of the benefits, or if transferring from another.institution


Griffith University is offering a number of scholarships of approximetly AUD $26.288 for international students undertaking a Higher Degree Research program. The shcolarshipp  includes sick leave, maternity leave and the closing date is due October 3th.


Selection Process and Timing

- The awards are offered to individuals ranked on the basis of merit and areas of strategic investment. The University may award GUPRS to applicants from designated equity groups.

- The University commences offering the awards once selection has been completed in a nominated round and approved by the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor. The University may continue to make offers until all awards are accepted.

- Applicants offered a GUPRS may have their scholarship changed to an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) if one becomes available if they meet the criteria to be awarded an APA.


- The stipend payable is $26,288 per annum (2016 rate). The stipend is indexed. Income derived by way of a Scholarship by a candidate receiving full-time education at a university may be exempt from tax under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. It is the responsibility of the scholarship holder to assess the tax liability of their scholarship. The stipend rate for Part-time (See section 21) candidates is $13,144 per annum (2016 rate).

- The stipend will be paid fortnightly into an account in a bank, building society or credit union.Payment will be made from the date of commencement of study, except where a scholar is already enrolled in the program, in which case payment may commence from the date of advice of the grant of the award providing this is on or after 1 January for the Annual Scholarship Round and 1 July in the case of the Mid-Year Scholarship Round.

How to Apply
Persons wishing to apply for a GUPRS may do so when completing the Griffith University Application for Higher Degree by Research Candidature & Application for a Postgraduate Research Scholarship. Persons wishing to be considered for the award of a GUPRS must lodge their applications during a nominated scholarship application round.

Dependent Child Allowance

- Dependent Child Allowance is paid by the University to scholarship holders who are international candidates and ineligible to apply for the Family Payment available through Centrelink. A child is considered dependent if the child is under the age of 18 and wholly dependent on the scholarship holder. The allowance payable will be $3,000 per annum per dependent child residing with the scholarship holder in Australia. The allowance will be paid for a maximum of four children. A scholarship holder who wishes to apply for the Dependent Child Allowance will be required to certify that the spouse is a dependent and to notify the University of any change in the spouse's situation. To be a dependent, the spouse must not have an income from any source of more than $60.00 per week. A candidate is not entitled to receive the dependent child allowance while in receipt of the Family Payment. A candidate whose child ceases to be dependent must notify the University immediately and the allowance will be terminated.

Relocation Allowance

An award holder who moves between Australian cities or travels from overseas to take up the award is entitled to receive a maximum of $515 for each eligible adult and $255 for each eligible child to an absolute maximum of $1,485 for the following on production of receipts:

a. travel expenses equivalent to the economy/student airfare for candidate, spouse and dependents to Brisbane via the most direct route. Where a candidate elects to travel by car, a per kilometre allowance up to the equivalent airfare for the candidate will be calculated. Candidates cannot claim for accommodation or meal costs if they elect to travel by car; and

b. removal expenses.

Relocation allowance must be claimed within twelve months of commencement of the award. Relocation allowances are not payable for travel undertaken after completion of studies, or termination of the award.


Award holders are only permitted to undertake a strictly limited amount of paid employment: between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, no more than nine (9) hours a week will be permitted. Work performed outside of these hours should be at the approval of the principal supervisor.


- A GUPRS holder may hold the award for up to two years, in the case of a masters candidate, and up to three years in the case of a doctoral candidate. The award is renewed on an annual basis subject to the maintenance of satisfactory progress by the candidate. In the case of a doctoral candidate only, an extension of six months may be granted where the University is satisfied that the reason for the requested extension is beyond the candidate's control and related to the research, or for exceptional compassionate grounds. Requests for extensions must be made at least one month before (but no more than two months before) the expiry date of the award. Requests for extension made after the expiry date of the award will only be considered in exceptional circumstances (e.g. medical or compassionate grounds). 

- A candidate who is enrolled in a masters or doctoral program prior to being offered an award will have the full-time equivalent enrolment period deducted from the maximum tenure for the award. If, as a consequence of this condition of award, an applicant would be eligible to be in receipt of an award for less than twelve months, (not including the additional six months available for doctoral candidates), the University may decide against granting an award to that applicant.

- An award holder who commenced studies as a research masters candidate and who, before the expiry of the award, is given approval to upgrade his/her candidature to doctoral status, may hold the award for a maximum of three years, with the possibility of the six month extension mentioned above.

- An award holder who remains enrolled while the award is suspended will have the equivalent full- time period deducted from the tenure of the award.

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