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Doctoral and postdoctoral scholarships for history researchers in Germany

Leibniz Institute of European History


  • Have at least a Masters level degree in history, theology or another discipline which works historically.

  • Have been pursuing their doctorate for no more than three years at the time of taking up the scholarship.


TheLeibniz Institute of European History (IEG) awards research scholarships and fellowships to young academics (doctoral and postdoctoral researchers) from Germany and abroad. 

The monthly value is € 1,200 for doctoral scholarships and € 1,800 for postdoctoral fellowships.

Funding is provided for both doctoral and postdoctoral research dealing with the religious, political, social and cultural history of Europe between about 1450 and about 1970. Comparative, transnational and transfer-historical research projects are particularly welcome, as are projects which deal with topics of intellectual, church or theological history.

If they wish, scholarship holders and fellows can collaborate with the academic staff of the IEG in the Institute’s research areas. Each scholarship holder is assigned a contact person from among the academic staff of the IEG who can offer them advice and mentoring.

Research projects must be at least six months in duration in order to avail of IEG funding. Scholarship holders and fellows reside and work in the Institute building in Mainz.


Doctoral scholarships

These are open to doctoral researchers from Germany and abroad who have at least a Masters level degree in history, theology or another discipline which works historically. They must have been pursuing their doctorate for no more than three years at the time of taking up the scholarship, though exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances. It is not permitted to apply for a scholarship for the same dissertation topic in subsequent years. As a research institution that is not part of a university, the Institute does not hold any examinations and does not award any academic qualifications. Dissertations are completed under the supervision of the scholarship holder’s supervisor at her/his home university. However, it is possible for the doctoral research of a scholarship holder to be supervised by the directors of the Institute, should they agree to this, as they have the right to supervise doctorates for Mainz University.


Postdoctoral fellowships

The IEG awards postdoctoral fellowships to young academics from Germany and abroad who have completed their doctoral dissertations and are pursuing a new research project. The IEG offers them the opportunity to create the foundations for their continuing academic career as independent researchers. The academics in the IEG research areas are keen to interact with postdoctoral fellows.

Applicants should have been awarded their doctorate no more than three years before the beginning of the proposed fellowship (non-academic activities are not relevant to the application). The final examination or defence of the dissertation must have been successfully completed by the application deadline. It is not possible to avail of funding for the final phase of doctoral research AND continuing into a subsequent postdoctoral project.


Family allowance

Where the spouse of a scholarship holder or fellow resides in Germany and is not in receipt of income in excess of € 400 per month, the fellow may receive an additional family allowance if this is applied for during the fellowship application and granted.


Contact information:

Referat für Stipendien- und Gastwissenschaftlerprogramm
Ulrike Moritz (Sachbearbeitung)
Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte (IEG)
Alte Universitätsstraße 19
D - 55116 Mainz

Telephone and Email:
Tel.: +49 (0) 6131-39-39365
Fax: + 49 (0) 6131-39 353 26

Please email your applications to:

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