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2017 Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) for student leaders on U.S. History and Government

Comisión Fulbright Chile


  • Be proficient in English;

  • Come from historically underserved communities;

  • Have at least one semester left of their undergraduate studies, and therefore be committed toreturn to their home universities following completion of the program;

  • Be between 18-25 years old.


Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) for Student Leaders will host a group of up to 20 students from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. The Institute will be conducted in English and will be hosted at the Institute for Training and Development (ITD) in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Deadline for applying is 11:59PM on Friday, September 16, 2016. Applications received after this deadline will NOT be accepted.

Application forms should be completed online at

Please submit any supplemental documents (concentración de notas and awards) in ONE email to

Program Description:

Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) for Student Leaders are intensive academic programs whose purpose is to provide groups of undergraduate student leaders with a deeper understanding of the United States, while simultaneously enhancing their leadership skills. The Institutes will consist of a balanced series of seminar discussions, readings, group presentations, and lectures. The coursework and classroom activities will be complemented by educational travel, site visits, and volunteer opportunities.

The Institutes will include an academic residency component of approximately four weeks and a domestic travel component of approximately one week. During the academic residency, participants will also have the opportunity to get out of the classroom.

The program will be conducted in English and will focus on contemporary American life, as it is shaped by historical and/or current political, social, and economic issues and debates. Students will be provided with an overview of the foundations of democracy as they learn about the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the federal system of government, elections, the court system, etc. Students will explore the various complex historical and contemporary issues associated with identity throughout the Americas, including race, ethnicity, and color. Participants will discuss topics related to immigration and the Latino experience in the U.S.; and will travel to New York City to visit cultural and historic sites. During their study tour they will take a five-day trip to Arizona where topics in immigration will be revisited along with a discussion of the Native-American experience. The program will conclude in Washington, D.C. where students will meet participants from Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru who participated in the concurrent Institute at the University of Arizona.

Other core components of the Institute include leadership development, community service, and fostering cross-cultural understanding. Participants will engage with Americans on campus and will also participate in a weekend homestay.

Candidate Description and Qualifications:

The participants are expected to be highly motivated undergraduate students from colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher education, who demonstrate leadership through academic work, community involvement, and extracurricular activities. Their fields of study will be varied, and may include the sciences, social sciences, humanities, education, business, and other professional fields.

Candidates nominated for this program will:

- be proficient in English;

- come from historically underserved communities;

- have at least one semester left of their undergraduate studies, and therefore be committed to return to their home universities following completion of the program;

- be between 18-25 years old;

- have had little or no prior study or travel experience in the United States or elsewhere outside of their home country;

- demonstrate strong leadership qualities and potential in their university and community activities;

- indicate a serious interest in learning about the United States and about U.S. history and government;

- have a sustained high level of academic achievement, as indicated in grades and awards;

- have demonstrated commitment to community and extracurricular university activities;

- be mature, responsible, independent, confident, open-minded, tolerant, thoughtful, and inquisitive;

- be willing and able to fully participate in an intensive academic program, community service, and educational travel program;

- be comfortable with campus life, prepared to share living accommodations, and able to make adjustments to cultural and social practices different from those of their home country.

Other Essential Program Information:

A. What is Covered: Participant costs, including program administration; visas; domestic travel and ground transportation; books, cultural, mailing and incidental allowances; and housing and subsistence. Applicants will be responsible for acquiring and paying for their own passport.

B. Housing and Meal Arrangements: Participants will reside at the ITD House, an 11-bedroom home situated in the center of Amherst, MA and a 10-minute walk from Amherst College campus. Most meals will be provided at the Amherst College dinning commons, though some meals will be provided by the program, and participants will also receive per diem that they can use to go out to local restaurants. Care will be taken to ensure that any special requirements regarding diet, daily worship, housing, and medical care are satisfied.

C. Health Benefits: All participants will receive the Department of State’s coverage of $100,000 with a $25 co-pay for the duration of the program. Pre-existing conditions are not covered. 3


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