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$5.000 Graduate Award for Postgraduate Studies at New Zealand

Victoria University of Wellington


  • Have achieved a minimum A grade average (GPA 8.0) over 75 points at 300-level or above. At least 60 of these points must be in their nominated major or, for a major that requires fewer than 60 points, the additional points must be in a 300 level subject related to their major;

  • Have a Bachelor Degree.


The Vicotria University of Wellington (VUW)is offering its Victoria Graduate award for graduate students that wish to continue their studies for a Master Degree. Valued at NZD $5.000 each, these scholarships work as a tuition doscount, and the application deadline is due 11/01/2016.


History or background of award

These awards consist of domestic tuition fees payable for the nominated degree programme up to the value of $5,000. Graduate Awards are awarded solely on the basis of academic merit.


Purpose of award

In line with the University's strategic objective of encouraging undergraduate students to proceed to graduate study and to research degrees, the University offers Victoria Graduate Awards to students intending to embark upon an Honours degree or a Masters degree, Part 1.


Selection criteria

- The intended programme must include at least 90 points of coursework at either 400 or 500 level. 
- These scholarships are not available for post experience or vocational master's degrees e.g. MBA, MLIS MMIS nor to students intending to embark on the fourth year of a four year undergraduate degree programme e.g. LLB, BTech, BEng. 
- Post graduate Diploma study will only be considered if it is recognized as Part 1 of a two year Masters course.
- Applicants are expected to have achieved at least an A grade average (GPA 8.0) over 72 points at 300-level or above. At least 60 of these points must be in their nominated major or, for a major that requires less than 60 points, the additional points must be in a 300 level subject either in their major or in a related subject.


How do students apply?

- Applications for these awards must be made on the forms obtainable from the Scholarship Website or from the Scholarships Office. 

- Enrolling as an Honours or Masters student and applying for a Victoria Graduate Award are two separate processes. The holding of a Victoria Graduate Award is conditional upon the scholarship recipient gaining enrollment into their intended Honours or Masters programme. 

- Applicants, other than those who have completed all of their study at Victoria, must include a certified copy of their academic transcripts from other institutions with this application. 

- Applicants whose degree has been conferred at any university other than a New Zealand University will be considered in two categories:

Category 1: applicants from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany or Australia must supply an original or certified copy of their university transcript.

Category 2: applicants from any other country must have their transcript verified and assessed with a course by course evaluation by one of the below education evaluators:

- Educational Credential Evaluators 
- National Recognition Information Centre (UK) 

Application Form


Additional information

- International Students are eligible to apply for this Award, however, tuition fees for International Students will be funded at the same value as that for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. 
- International student must attach all previous tertiary study academic transcripts.
- Subject to the approval of the Academic Board, a Victoria Graduate Award may be held with any other award apart from an alternative fees scholarship for which the holder is eligible.


Decision makers

The selection of Award winners shall be made by the Scholarships Committee, a subcommittee of the University Research Council.


How and when do students learn of the decision?

By late December in the year of application. If you are unsuccessful you may be notified by email only. Please provide a clearly written email address if available.


What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

An Award shall lapse unless the Award winner, within 4 weeks of receipt of the official advice of his/her Award, completes and returns to the Scholarships Officer a letter setting out:
(a) his/her acceptance of the Award; and
(b) his/her intention of fulfilling the conditions attached to the holding of the Award.

The date of commencement for an Award shall normally be no later than the fifteenth day of March in the year following the year of application.


For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

Position: The Scholarships Office 
Organisation: Victoria University of Wellington 
Address: PO Box 600 Wellington 6140 New Zealand 
Phone: +64 4 463 5557 


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